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Dining Options: Restaurant & Bars

Feni - the bar located near the lobby. It has a range of drinks from single malt whiskies to exciting cocktails like White Satin, Summer Serenade, Konkan Storm and Cashew Margerita made of Feni, a local specialty.

Splash - the pool side bar, quenches your thirst after a refreshing wade through the pool. An array of Martini's, Jack Collins and beers from all over the world are on the menu making it an ideal place to chill out.

Niel's Cabana - is one of the largest beach side shacks in Goa. The shack enjoys a breathtaking view. It offers a wide variety of fresh sea food and an international array of drinks, which the guests can enjoy overlooking the Varca beach.

Waves - the beach side bar offers a variety of drinks and snacks. You can enjoy your day in the serene surrounding of the beach.


Garden Restaurant - Du Jardin - serves buffet and fresh snacks. It specializes in Goan and seafood grills. The Hotel also offers Gujarati Maharaja cuisine.

Gazebo - the beautiful Gazebo on the beach with white sands and sound of waves offers an ideal place for a romantic dinner.


Resort Cuisine/Our Speciality

  • Grilled Lobster in Burnt Chili and Wine Sauce
  • Standing Pomfret
  • Grilled Jumbo Prawn in Pepper and Butter Garlic Sauce
  • Tiger Prawns Yakitori
  • Grilled Pomfret in Red and Green Goan masala
  • Grilled Chicken Breasts stuffed with Cheese and Black Olives
  • Gujarati Maharaja cuisine


Varca Palms Beach Resort offer an international array of drinks. Amongst the 70 odd Cocktail selection a must try is :

  • Feni based Niel's Amber
  • Popular Mohito
  • Jack Daniel's Fizz


Goan Cuisine

Chicken Vindalo
Prepared in chicken or pork. The dish is very famous in Goa for its hot and sour curry. The combined aroma of freshly roasted cinamon. mustard seeds and cloves makes it taste havenly.

Gaon Sanbharchi Kodi
Served with plain boiled rice. The prawn curry if heated every day can last for a week without refrigeration.

Goan Fish Curry
Goans are obessed with fish. It is the integral part of their diet. The traditional Goan dish is prepared in earthenware on a wood fire which add unique flavour to the curry.

Galinha Cafreal
This dish is chicken served with fried potatoes, tomatoes and salad. It makes for a great finger-licking munchies with beer.

Niel's Cabana - The Beach Side Shack

Bold seafood flavours have found a new home in the Varca Palms Beach Resort's latest edition Niel's Cabana, one of the largest beach side shacks in Goa.

The Shack enjoys a breathtaking location overlooking the sea and the white sand beach of Varca. Tatefully done in natural teak and solid wood offset by the vibrant blue and yellow in its upholstery. The palm thatched rooftop brought all the way from Kerala gives it a distinct identity. The interiors are refreshingly light and modern.

The skillful chefs prepare the dish catering to the most fastidious gourmet in an open Kitchen that can be viewed from the table. During the day the chefs tantalize the taste buds with the catch of the day as guest have their leisurely lunch. It is softly lit at night and the ambience makes it a perfect place for a romantic dinner, with white sands and the sound of the waves forming the perfect back drop. The live music makes the dining experience magically memorable.

The bar with its vast array of the choicest beverages is bewitchingly inviting.
From the 70s odd Cocktail list the bartender specials are the Feni based Niel's Amber, the popular Mohito and Jack Daniel's Fizz.

Some of the must try items on the menu are Grilled Lobster in Burnt Chili and Wine SAuce, Standing Pomfret, Grilled Jumbo Prawns in Pepper and Butter Garlic Sauce, Tiger Prawns Yakitori, Grilled Pomfret in Red and Green Goan Masala and Grilled Chicken Breasts stuffed with Cheese and Black Olives.

The dance floor is inviting and you could sway to the music into the wee hours of the morning.


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