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Goa is considered as one of the most advanced states in India in terms of education and social infrastructure. The state is rich in many minerals and there are some large manufacturing and production units operating out of the state. By far the largest industry in the state is tourism, which has contributed significantly to the state’s economy. With a much higher literacy rate than the rest of India and significant improvement in physical infrastructure, Goa is poised to become one of the leading economic regions in India, which would be in a position to attract larger number of tourist to its fold.

To understand Goa better, let’s have a look on its demographic profile in data table

Area 3,700 Sq Km
Population 1,343,998
Altitude Sea Level
Literacy 82.32%
Language Marathi, Konkani, Hindi, and English
Religion Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam
Best Time to Visit October to May

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