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  Varca Palms Beach Resort, Goa

About Hotel

Varca Palms Beach Resort, Goa is located on one of the most magnificent beaches in Goa with 27 kilometers of golden sand, just 45 minutes from the Dabolim airport and within reach of every major tourist attraction.

Varca Palms Beach Resort Goa

varca palms beach resort


Located on a sprawling 14-acre property off the splendid Varca beach, the Resort is a lush tropical paradise that promises you a picture-perfect vacation.


Accommodation and Facility

  • Air conditioned double rooms and villas with satellite TV, channel music and telephone.

  • Swimming pool with a separate pool for toddlers.

  • Live entertainment.

  • Indoor board games and table tennis

  • Tennis court and beach volleyball

  • Children's park and outdoor games

  • Room service

  • Safe deposit lockers

  • Foreign currency exchange

  • Baby sitters

  • Laundry service

  • Shopping Arcade

  • Doctor on call

  • Bicycle and vehicle rentals

varca beach resort

Varca Palms Beach Resort - Goa - India

Call Now - 24 hours helpline
+91 9422059688

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